Mineral Miner Geology Play Kit

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Add-ons are buried in the sand for even more mining fun!

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Fortune Stone | Blind Bag

Premium Agate Slice

Amethyst Icicle

Shark Tooth Necklace



Gemstones, Crystals, and Fossils Oh My!

There is a reason why Shimmerkin Mineral Miner won the 2024 Staff Pick Award from the National STEAM Association. Everything from the naturally scented ultra-filtered play sand to the drool-worthy collection of gemstones and crystals was thoughtfully designed to engage and educate kids. Every Mineral Miner comes complete with an ancient brachiopod fossil, an authentic shark tooth, a mecca obsidian arrowhead, an amethyst crystal, a crackable geode (in a SmashBag™), rainbow fluorite, black tourmaline, a clear quartz crystal, UV reactive sodalite, polychrome jasper, red jasper, opal, confetti jasper, rose calcite, iron pyrite (fool’s gold), blue calcite, green tree agate, red calcite, citrine, desert rose gypsum, fuschite, hematite, orange calcite, a handful of dyed agate, another handful of mixed polished gemstones, and a heap of river stones. We also sneak a triple rare gemstone into many buckets. You could get emerald, chalcopyrite peacock ore, ruby zoisite, gold, diamond, or sapphire!

Educational Scaffolding Using Narrative

Shimmerkin leverages storytelling and characters to create a framework that supports learning geography and geology by making information more engaging and relatable.

Treasure Hunt

Mineral Miner comes complete with a durable canvas gunny sack to hold your new collection of gemstones, fossils, and crystals. Each sack is large enough to hold over 10lbs of gems, allowing your kids to complete their new Shimmerkin Treasure Hunt without a hitch. The Shimmerkin Treasure Hunt will help your kids identify and collect the world’s most commonly found rocks. This is a great off-screen activity that kids can do with you, with their friends, or on their own!

Discovery Gadget

Every young miner needs a good gadget to help them discover nature’s treasures! The Discovery Gadget comes complete with a compass, survivor whistle, reflector, magnifying glass, treasure compartment, and thermometer.

Gemstone Art

Create Shimmerkin characters using your newly sifted tiny gemstones! Each bucket comes with enough tiny gemstones to create Quarthos and Chalcora!

Learn ‘n Sleep Podcast on Spotify

Listening to Shimmerkin Learn ‘n Sleep while tucked in can enhance kids’ knowledge retention and promote relaxation, leading to improved sleep quality and brain development. Learn about the epic struggles of the Shimmerkin as they use their gem-inspired powers to fight the evil Feraliths. Every episode contains lessons in geology, geography, and social cognitive development. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify and never miss a new episode! Learn ‘n Sleep won the 2024 National STEAM Association’s Learning Podcast of the Year!