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Mega Mystery Bag

Treasure Trove Motherload

15 Rare Fortune Stones in Metallic Blind Bags

Geology’s Fortune Cookie

Gemstone Blind Bags

A Whole New Gemstone Experience

Earthy Off-Screen Magic

Shop the Mega Mystery Bag

High Grade Gemstones

Individually wrapped gemstones and crystals, stuffed with printed fortunes! Watch your child's face as they open each bag to discover their new treasure.

Character Association for Geology Education

We associate every gemstone with a Shimmerkin or Feralith character in order to achieve faster memorization and simpler learning. We tie it all together with our award winning kid's sleep podcast, available for free on Spotify.

Gold, Diamonds, and Rubies Oh My!

We sneak gold, diamonds, and rubies in random blind bags every single monthl!