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Meet Mineral Miner

The award winning geology discovery kit by Shimmerkin.


Meet Mineral Miner

The award winning geology discovery kit by Shimmerkin.

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unearth amethyst aquamarine citrine tourmaline garnet topaz sapphire ruby emerald opal peridot lapis lazuli moonstone jade amber turquoise onyx quartz tanzanite zircon spinel chrysoprase alexandrite agate malachite bloodstone carnelian labradorite sunstone aventurine rose quartz ametrine rhodochrosite jasper sodalite morganite chalcedony fluorite iolite kunzite larimar obsidian peruvian opal smoky quartz tiger's eye tsavorite fire opal beryl serpentine pyrite

Genuine Shark Tooth
32oz Play Bucket
Magnifying Glass, LED Light, Reflector
Treasure Hunt Activity
Durable Canvas Gunny Sack
Crackable Geode in Smash Bag
Authentic Brachiopod Fossil
Gemstone Identification Chart

Mineral Miner Geology Play Kits Include:

  • 4 pounds of Semi Precious Gemstones

  • Authentic Shark Tooth

  • Authentic Brachiopod Fossil

  • Crackable Geode with Smash Bag

  • Premium Naturally Scented Play Sand

  • Durable Canvas Gunny Sack

  • 32 oz Play Bucket

  • Magnifying Glass

  • LED Light

  • Reflector

  • Treasure Hunt Activity

“Mineral Miner reconnects kids to nature, encourages them to play in the dirt, and sparks curiosity about the natural world.”


Dr. Rachel Carter – National STEAM Association

Cognitive Skills

As children identify gems and learn about their formation, they engage in complex thinking processes.

Fine Motor Skills

Mining for gemstones and examining them closely enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Scientific Learning

Mineral Miner kits include educational materials about geology, mineralogy, and even chemistry.

Elaborative Encoding

We created dozens of Shimmerkin characters to make geological information more memorable by connecting it to storylines kids actually care about.