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Meet Mineral Miner

Mine for premium gemstones and crystals in naturally scented play sand! Use the discovery gadget, complete with LED light, reflector, and magnifying glass to analyze your treasure trove. Store your new collection in the durable canvas gunny sack. Identify your gems with the gem identification chart then complete the Shimmerkin Treasure Hunt! Last but not least, create Quarthos and Chalcora using the included gemstone art kit!

“At some point, every child becomes obsessed with rocks. That's a good thing, the closer our kids are to nature, the happier they are.”

Jessi & ThomasShimmerkin Founders

Educational Scaffolding Using Narrative

Shimmerkin leverages storytelling and characters to create a framework that supports learning geography and geology by making information more engaging and relatable. It’s why we’ve designed over 30 mythical forest characters and a multi-season Learn ‘n Sleep podcast for young explorers!


The Gunny Sack

A durable canvas gunny sack built to hold your new collection of gemstones, crystals, and fossils. Designed for miners. Included in every Shimmerkin Mineral Miner Geology Play Kit.

Survival Whistle
Magnifying Glass & Reflector
Storage Compartment
LED Flashlight

The Exploration Tool

An adventurer's companion, The Exploration Tool is every new miner's BFF. With a magnifying glass, reflector, LED light, whistle, thermometer, and storage compartment your young discoverer will have everything they need to go outside and play in the dirt!

Yes, It’s All Included

The bucket, the sand, the minerals, the fossils, the shark tooth, the gunny sack, the exploration tool, the gemstone identification chart, the Shimmerkin Treasure Hunt, and the gemstone art kit ARE ALL INCLUDED.